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Know about Wonderland International Trade Co., Limited


Our Story

We started our business from June 18th, 2012. Previously the founders worked in export trade companies for imitation jewelry & hair beauty business in Guangzhou China, where is the most famous & popular marketplace for manufacturing & export commodities of China, and even Asia-pacific. Our founders are familiar with imitation jewelry, hair beauty accessories as well as children clothes, jean & shoes. And one of our founders has rich experience & knowledge of Express Logistics.

To create Favorite-Development and deliver Customer-Focus methodology, founders got together and started the business in June 2012. From very beginning, our business is only for wholesale imitation jewelry transactions.

In May 2013, our joint-venture company, Wonderland International Trade Co., Limited was established in Hongkong, and we started to use “WONDERLAND.SHOP ” as our online channel. Mainly our products were sold to East Europe & Russia. We won high recognition & appreciation from customers for our best quality of products, best service of before & post sales. Expanding our business, we started our retail business via online e-Commerce platform from August 13th, 2014.

The official webiste of Wonderland International Trade Co., Limited is www.wonderland.shop .


Our Trademark & Brand

VOGUEA is the registered trademark (Reg No. 5,746,593. Registered from May 07, 2019) of the Director of Wonderland International Trade Co., Limited. Wonderland International Trade Co., Limited is the ONLY authorized to use and broadcast this trademark world wide. Without the authority from the trademark owner, anyone else is prohibited to use this trademark for commercial. All rights reserved by Wonderland International Trade Co., Limited.


Our Logo

From December 2014, our unique brand logo was published to use as below. The logo covers the most important leading letter W. We use letter W as the key vision of our brand logo and shapes it as the image of Crown


Our Value

Sincerity, Integrity, Mutuality, Pragmatism, Loyalty, Excellence = S.I.M.P.L.E.

Our Mission

Make our Customer be happy, our People be valuable, our Partner be beneficial.

Our Goal

Redefine Premium-Level Service of Customer-Focus.

Maintain Top-Level Standard of Quality.

Build up Outstanding-Level Reputation of Branding-Business.

Achieve Best-Level Result of Partnership.

Benefit from Ultimate-Level Balance of Cost-Efficiency.

Our Strategy

To Redefine Premium-Level Service of Customer-Focus, we set Customer-Satisfactory as our 1st priority. Ensure entire business process, before sale & post sale, to meet customer expectation of worthy and eliminate customer concerns of risk or cheat.

To Maintain Top-Level Standard of Quality, we set our guideline of quality control must be 100% passed, from material purchase to manufacturing and completed product. Seriously anything unqualified would be void & discard.

To Build up Outstanding-Level Reputation of Branding-Business, we broadcast our brand with logo, which delivers our core value and represents our best service. There are several channels we setup, including wholesale, retail, e-Commerce in popular platform and official website.

To Achieve Best-Level Result of Partnership, we establish stable & efficient cooperative partnership with material vendors, manufacturing vendors and logistics carriers. We make each of our vendor be beneficial from the business with us.

To Benefit from Ultimate-Level Balance of Cost-Efficiency, we form our staffing structure compressed, which ensure communication effective & collaboration efficient. We integrate with simple-but-efficient technologies to save labor cost. Accordingly we setup SOPs/MOPs to streamline our sourcing, manufacturing, qualify control and customer service process. All these make our team in appropriate size and always in efficient manner. As consequence, it results in lower cost lower price, which benefits our customer and makes ourselves be competitive.